About Me

Who? What? Why?

Hi I’m Kaylea, a Manchester based data scientist working at Peak in the Demand AI team. My data science areas of interest are time-series analysis, demand forecasting, changepoint detection and warehouse optimisation.

I’ve started this blog for a few reasons. I’m a big advocat of talking and sharing knowledge as I love to learn and also help others learn. I’d like a place to share some of my knowledge of time-series methods and forecasting techniques, particularly how they are used in industry as many blogs I read come from an academic background. I’m also trying to expand my knowledge and expertise in data science so I’d like a place to document some of the things I am learning (currently I’m trying to leave my R shaped comfort zone to learn, and use, more python).

I’m a regularly attendee at Manchester meet-ups where I have done a few presentations on forecasting and changepoint detection in R. I was also a guest on the PyDataMCR podcast talking abut forecasting (there’s a theme). Even though I have a couple of old blogs on running this is the first time I’ve decided to start a blog on a work related topic - I find writing the hardest medium of communication as words written down feel more final than spoken words - but hopefully this blog will prove to be useful (maybe even just for myself!).

I plan to write some non-techical blogs as I go along too, such as reviews and thoughts from meet-ups since there tends to be some useful and thought-provoking discussions. Feel free to contact me about anything in this blog via LinkedIn or Twitter or if you are Manchester based I’m always happy to chat data science over coffee.

Kaylea Haynes
Data Scientist

I know quite a lot about time-series analysis, demand forecasting and changepoint detection but I’m currently trying to broaden my data science skills.