Learning python as an R user

Introduction As an avid listener to some tech podcasts, particularly ones that are run or feature people that I know, (pydataMCR and How AI Built this - find them on your favourite podcast player) I heard in one episode Liam (the host of How AI Built this) say “Kaylea is very much as R person … but she is learning python”. This is true, and in fact I feel like I’ve made quite good progress recently in using python that I thought it would be useful to share some of my tips and tricks for what has helped me.

Changepoint Detection

Happy New Year (although by the time this post goes live it’ll be halfway through January, so it’s probably becoming a bit too late to be wishing a HNY). It’s January. A month where many pledge to make positive changes in their lives (more gym sessions, less alcohol etc). Given this I thought a fitting first blog post of the new year would be about change, more precisely changepoint detection (that was a tediously linked introduction, buy hey some things never change).